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You have started your new business, Or perhaps you are thinking of launching a new product or revamping your existing brand?

If you are like most people, you will spend a lot of time contemplating the right way forward. Chances are you might feel a little (or very) lost.  
It is incredibly helpful to bring in an outsider to coach you back to a state of clarity, enthusiasm and productivity.

Whether you prefer to have a 1:1 session to talk business or spend time in a customized group setting. I'd love to help you and your team get to the core of your brand challenge, get your strategy in place and move forward with confidence.







Laura doesn't doubt for a moment before pointing out any inconsistencies in your story, by asking sharp questions she brings you to a much deeper insight and understanding of your original idea or concept. The exercises and concise recaps help you find the essence of your story. With Laura's brand coaching you are able to escape the thought circles you might be experiencing. And you will find tools to clarify and write down your plans and next steps. Her knowledge and experience in the field of marketing combined with her energetic and cheerful style do the rest. In the end, its on you. But a session with Laura will guaranteed help you on your way.


Life coach and speaker

"Before I met Laura I was struggling, procrastinating and losing sleep about how to articulate and present my new business to the world. Laura took me through a process that removed the mental clutter and got me absolutley clear on my message and brand identity. Her skill in taking a random bunch of ideas and dreams and crysalising them into a succinct brand strategy is amazing. Most importantly she kept me accountable and coached me through the process so that the final result feels like it is a reflection of me rather than something created by an agency that I agreed to. I now have a fantastic website, a plan for the future and a sense that my new business is a future reality rather than a future dream”.


Owner at Galah Fashion

“Laura has been an invaluable contributor to the development my fashion brand. I was lucky to cross Laura’s route when she was travelling in Australia and I decided to engage her as a marketing advisor. She provided me with exceptional guidance to define the essence of my brand and formulate my vision into a tangible Identity Plan that I am now able to convey to others. Today I continue to work with Laura and I always come out of her workshops with fantastic new ideas.

So what to expect when working with Laura? Professionalism, tailored advice instead of generic lessons on marketing, intense workshops with clear outcomes, thinking ‘out of the box’, flexible mind and excellent materials. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs some guidance on marketing and brand identity aspects.”